Sector Partnerships - A National Movement

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As part of an East Bay delegation, several of us were fortunate to attend the first National Next Generation Sector Partnership Academy in warm, sunny, dry Phoenix AZ in February.  The national interest was astounding with nearly 300 people from across the country in attendance.  Well over half of the attendees were there to learn more about the model and hear from some of the early adopters (like us) to learn about successes, challenges and to start their own sector partnerships.  The East Bay was very well represented with eight East Bay leaders in attendance. Stephen Baiter, Oakland Workforce Development Board Executive Director, was a featured speaker and an advisor throughout the event.  Since the East Bay is one of the nation’s early adopters, Stephen was invited shared an overview of our multi-sector efforts and offer insights and highlights throughout the event.

During the conference, a new video was unveiled describing the Sector Partnership Model.  If you are wondering exactly what this model is about, watch the video below.  Then, join us!

Daniel Kemether