East Bay ICT Partnership Gaining Momentum


The East Bay ICT Partnership is gaining recognition and credibility in the East Bay.  In the last 4 weeks, a number of organizations and collaboratives have reached out seeking our insights on a number of topics.  For instance, Innovation Tri-Valley Leadership Group invited us to speak to their large group of business leaders on Friday, March 10th to share our work and our model, and to provide their businesses with the opportunity to join us.  The Oakland Chamber of Commerce has asked us to speak at an upcoming Workforce and Education briefing, providing insights into concrete ways industry can engage in the community.  The Kapor Center for Social Impact has requested the assistance of the Public Awareness Action Team to assist in the design a digital platform to help connect regional employers with regional talent for job and internship opportunities.  And finally, the Tech Talent Pathways Partnership (T2P2) collaborative has requested the assistance of the Public Awareness Action team in crafting and attending a Tech Equity Event on April 26th. 

A key element of our partnership vision is to establish the EBICT partnership as a credible voice for industry in the East Bay, reducing the proliferation of regional industry tables.  These early invitations to present, share insights and offer our model to the region are a clear indication that we are on the right track and gaining momentum.

A special thanks to Tim Ahern and Dave McCandless, our fearless co-chairs, for their strong commitment to the partnership and willingness to act as spokespeople on all of our behalf.

Daniel Kemether