July Meeting Outcomes - Employers Driving Action


The East Bay ICT Partnership is driving meaningful impact in the region through an aggressive and high impact slate of initiatives.  During the partnership's quarterly meeting in July, the group ratified the definitions for workplace skills, launched two new action teams to move forward with a pilot internship program, and approved the launch of a Community College Advisory pilot program. 

Following are highlights from the last meeting:

1.      We agreed to launch two new communication channels for enhanced communication and community building:  LinkedIn and Slack.

2.      We reviewed and ratified two of the three essential workplace skills (Business Communications and Relationship Management.)  The third skill, Critical Thinking, will be reviewed and ratified via an email process in the coming two weeks.

3.      We launched two new action teams as follows:

a.      Industry Champion Team to plan the internship pilot program – Bjorn Pave (Popsugar) to Lead

                                                    i.     Industry champions who will also participate include:  Mark Griffiths (Kaiser), Russell Rosete (Chevron), Dave McCandless (Navis), Tim Ahern (Workday), Brett Pitts (Wells Fargo)

b.      Community Champion Team to plan screening, training of skill sets and submission of candidates for internships – Olivia White Lopez (Hack the Hood) to Lead.

                                                    i.     Community champions who will also participate are:  Richard Grotegut (Deputy Sector Navigator), Samantha Millier (Alameda County WDB), Karen Lincoln (Stride), Mark Butler (Oakland Chamber), Sandy Wallenstein (CCCOE), Michael Katz (WDB), Matt Hulse (East Bay College Fund), Despina Prapavessi (DVC), Mike Miller (Foothill)

4.      We are poised to provide feedback to both Foothill College and DVC on DevOps curriculum.  (Specific requests to follow soon.)

5.      We experienced our first “Spotlight on Community” presentation from Caleb Jonas at SamaSchool.  Great job, Caleb.

6.      Tobin Broadhurst with Alameda County ITD shared ebook on the 5 Principles of IT Customer Service. Thanks, Tobin.

7.      Our next quarterly meeting will be on Thursday, October 19th at Wells Fargo in San Francisco.

John Morgan