EBICT Employers Have Spoken: Essential Skills Are Key


Our ICT Business Champions are in agreement and they have been crystal clear:  “We need job candidates who have relevant work experience.  And, we are willing to help create opportunities for newly educated and trained people to gain that experience through internships and job shadowing.  The challenge is that we need candidates for these internships who demonstrate certain skills, attributes and behaviors that we know help ensure that the internship opportunity bears fruit.”  EastBayICT Business Champions, September 2016.

During the first two quarterly EastBayICT Partnership meetings, business champions articulated three priority initiatives, all aimed at improving their ability to recruit and hire high-quality talent for their ICT jobs.   In September, the business champions launched an action team with a mandate to develop a model for internships that would produce the best job-ready talent possible; one that could be replicated across the East Bay if successful. 

As a first step, the Workplace Experience action team has identified the top three “essential” skills they require in job and internship candidates.  These skills were ratified by the full group in April and are now in the process of being fully defined.  Once defined, the action team plans to develop a rubric, a screening tool and a curriculum to teach the skills.  The top three essential skills are:

  1.  Critical Thinking: Problem Solving and Curiosity

  2.  Communication Skills: Oral and Written

  3. Teamwork and Collaboration

Now, that the essential skills have been identified, the action teams are working to fully define each of the skills so that the work of developing the tools can begin.  All industry and community partners are invited to join the action team and work side-by-side to develop the most effective, comprehensive tools of our time for our region.

Join us!

Contact Barrie Hathaway at barrie@stridecenter to be added to the action team.

John Morgan